Boosting battery energy with pure Silicon anodes

LeydenJar Technologies BV is a spin out from energy research center ECN. We focus on the development of a high capacity, pure silicon anode for use in Li-ion battery cells, to improve the energy density with 50%.

LeydenJar differentiates itself with:

Pure silicon anode: reaching a tenfold capacity over existing graphite anodes

Nanostructured: silicon pillar porous structure enables mechanical stability

PECVD: one step manufacturing process and ability to industrialize fast

In the lineage of the Leyden Jar

In 1745, the precursor of the battery was invented by Pieter van Musschenbroek in Leiden, the Netherlands. Ever since this invention, people have been working on storing more energy in batteries. It is the mission of LeydenJar Technologies to help push the boundaries of battery energy density with its pure silicon anode. And as a company based in Leiden, we feel indebted to honor van Muschenbroek in our company name.